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Good morning.

I’ve been spending half this morning poking and prodding at the fire in the wood stove, adding wood and deciding if I should just get a blow torch at it….naw just kidding about the blow torch it would probably throw me backwards. This is becoming girl of the limberlost here with keeping this fire going. My test at self sufficiency has started-thank you universe-I did ask for it. As currently if you have not been following along I went to turn my furnace on for the first time and…crickets. Not from the evening music in the country but because it decided to die without notifying me first of its impending doom. We will have to work on those communication skills better next time…

So for now my only heat source is my wood stove. Real crazy that in mid September I need heat, September is suppose to be the month of mild temperatures, sweatpants and hoodies that make you go -sigh- isn’t this perfect? Instead mother nature has her own ideas…Rolling with the dropping temps here I had a consultation for new furnace and AC. Scheduled for tomorrow I do believe is when I will be getting to listen to the noises of installation of new units. And as that goes in over $7,000+ goes out. This is the only -sigh- happening. BUT I’m thankful I can pay for this, I save a lot, so there is no woe is me I’m broke story happening here. I’m smart, resourceful and calculative. This is when you tell me congratulations, high five me and beam at me. Proud right? Thought so.

I do believe I can write a portion of this off on my taxes because of this home business.

Then, I must apologize, I tried to get on cam the other night downstairs in the small remodeled portion of my basement. I would love to make it more dungeon like down there but handcuffing the guests to the bed at night may terrify them. So for now it’s nice, fluffy, white and calm. Opposite of how I felt after trying to cam down there the other night. The internet signal was just fine about a month ago when I decided to buy a bed/furnishings etc to the tune of $1,000 so that I could add a quiet night time work space. The daytime one has too many windows and no door and I like doors shut when I’m online I just feel more secluded…like in a little camming nest. (ha)

Anyways…I got all around, make up done, hair done, sexy outfit…sexy face on, was feeling frisky, taunting and ready to be a sex kitten. Then…internet…it took a vacation. Came back for a little tease…then gone again. I finagled with it for a good hour, even tried a booster that I installed. It decided one bar was as much as it had to give me that night. So alas, I had to retreat to the shower and sex kitten turned into frustration which meant it was time for bed. Tomorrow is always another day.

So the point of all that is…I still do not have a night time camming space. This is one reason you have not seen me online a lot. I’ve been in my new house 2 months now, insane how fast it’s gone already. I’m still adjusting and still trying to figure out what works best where and when here. So bear with me. I guess I’m kind of like the internet….back for a bit, such a tease…and gone again.

DEAL WITH IT!!! yep. I shouted. Terrifying I know. Time to call mommy.

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