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Porn, it’s everywhere

Even at the doctors office.
While you are getting an ultra sound with one of those wand type instruments that they try to refer to as a tampon (maybe a ultra absorbent tampon? that is 4 ft long?)
Damn, I’m tight. I was allowed the joy of inserting this device myself.
Even with lube I was like, shoving, this device where it was suppose to go.
Que end of horniness for quite some time.

We get on the topic of my art business and shes asking me lots of questions which I so kindly answer. Discussing my contract with stores, other opportunities being on Etsy has brought me.

Out of left field, she starts talking about her hands and feet and how nice they are-and even her pedicurist tells her every time. And how did I get noticed? Did I submit to an angency?

Vearing back to right field, how does landscape nature art have anything to do with being a foot model I don’t know…

Back to left field. She starts to discuss how she was looking up how to be a foot model and I would not believe everything she came across. “some really creepy stuff” she says. I’m smiling, laughing…she probably thinks she made me nervous when in reality. HELLO. LMFAO. What is my other career?!?!? I can barely contain my laughter even now. As she is waving around this wand before I’ve inserted it.

She said “…and then I thought, well maybe, you know how you see on late night cable -which we don’t usually watch or have a lot of- that one women who made a living off her feet for all these perverts. So I kind of thought about it…”

Me…”you should try it, why not”

She said…”well I just got married 6 months ago-was  married for 30 years then got divorced- I did mention it to my husband and he was like Oh maybe but I just, I don’t know. I don’t think I could do it.

Me… Yea, you never know what people like out there. People love feet, you should try it. -laughs

She says “well, I wonder how I would even submit to a legit agency for that, not the creepy ones…Hmm what would I do, how would I do that?”

Yep, she is asking ME how to submit her feet and hands to a modeling agency. I politely said well if you have a smart phone with a decent camera or a digital take some photos and send them to an agency.


Maybe I should have different business cards made up…. MistressVikki’s Porn Career Counseling

I just can’t even take the irony of the topic of conversation with the doctors office ultra sound tech. I’m laughing an hour later. Like…what? Did I just have a conversation about foot fetish porn with a random lady. LOL. 

And then I encouraged her to get into it.


Where are the reality television crews when you need them? Oh that’s right…I said no to that gig. LOL. shit.

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