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Q. MissMirand’sPet@MayorofMilperra Nov 1

@MissVikkiLynn Miss Vikki I’m having trouble getting my wife to commit to any long term F/m domiantion/lifestyle, any tips?
A: Is your wife into being dominate? or more submissive? A switch? It’s important to know each partners likes and dislikes or things they are at least willing to try. A lot of women are probably very uneducated into the world of BDSM just for mere fact of no one ever bringing it into play in their life sexually or casually-or maybe only read the famed “50 shades of grey” books. I know I was at one point as well-there is so much to learn. I think a lot of what is portrayed in the D/s life style can be really daunting or scary to a new comer. So starting with the basics with a book (quite a few on Amazon-this one here is great: can be helpful. If you and your wife are in a relationship where you can talk frankly and freely and she is not shy about sex or what both your desires are then this will be easier. Some couples have a harder time expressing new kinks for fear of a negative connotation.
I would encourage some reading about the subject-for both of you! Then talking about a type of “scene” you both would be comfortable playing out. Set aside a night of no stress, a nice dinner and time to play out a session you both have agreed upon. It could be a lot more fun than either of you realize OR at the very least you can find out that it was not for you and try something else next time. Keep expectations low and be able to respond to your partners needs. If both people are not satisfied with the situation because of forced expectations or high hopes there will be less of a chance of it happening again.
Good luck-keep an open mind. *wink
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