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Holding open doors for any lady will get your brownie points I don’t care of you are the Beast or have a hump back. I don’t care of you know the woman, hate her or want to take her home. Chivalry in day to day life seems to be dead these days and if you have it, kudos.

I always love finding old vintage photographs of men when they wore suits, pocket chains with watches and had those lovely mustaches. I kick myself for not buying one I found at good will the other day. Sometimes I think I’m born into the wrong era but since in this day and age I won’t be stoned to death for showing off my erotic side maybe it’s all working out.

I feel a lot of sexual things still happened like they do today, it was just a lot more hush hush. As the world grows more things are becoming common place or not as taboo as they once were.

So for early 1900’s sake, please hold open doors for women. We will all thank you.

P.S. A man let a door slam into my shoulder the other day. -humph-

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