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NEW: jerk for Me, not her

I’m much more important than that wife or girlfriend of yours. I want you to jerk for Me, only Me. not her. not anyone else. I’m greedy. maybe you should just break up with her? Good plan.

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NEW CLIP! #homewrecker #tease #joi

6871a68532ee7276c978ae702076c4af“Come on, you knew it would come to this living next door to Me. I’ve seen your eyes all over Me…that poor wife of yours…with Me around, there is not reason at all for you to look at her. your eyes just keep wandering…”

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Cuckolded by your Wife…


Ive denied you to watch football on NFL Sunday. All the other wives let their husbands relax and sit in front of the big screen and have fun with their friends. But not I…your hot wife has said you are not watching football. Instead…you handcuffed to the bed, wearing some pretty lacy panties and hearing Me talk about what I’m doing with your friends with big cocks…and listening too. This is My idea of a good Sunday afternoon.

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