The value of acknowledgement (and downfall of expectations)

This past Christmas season I purchased/made/sent some gifts that I may have not have normally done so. All with the thought of thinking of others; like in earlier blog posting I mentioned my late grandfather who always was giving to others. In such big ways that I never even knew about until his funeral ceremony.
So I decided to try and do more giving lately. Whether it was my time, resources etc.
Then I realized that I was waiting for people to acknowledge that they had done so, not in the fact of hi look at me, but knowing that they received and enjoyed the gift I sent.

It was nice to hear from those who did take the time to thank me and let me know they received something special. Thank you if that was you! but it also made me take a step back and think of a few things that could be a life lesson. One that would provide less fucks to give, courtesy of an article I read from KittyWilde the other day. Here:

Ode to KittyWilde for that little reminder.

Then I realized how special it must be when I post here thanking everyone who gives such nice gifts to me off my wishlist. How it must bring a smile to your face when I say HEY YOU! thanks yes, I appreciate that you went out of your way for me. I’m glad I can give to you in that manner. It does make me happy too. Acknowledgement.

But it then brings me to the thought of (and something I was just discussing with a close friend from high school) that when people expect things of others (because that is how they would handle their life, situation etc) that is when we become disappointed. Expectations.

In the end this could be a lesson for myself as well. Giving, if done, should be done freely without any expectations of a response. Because giving, when done right, is from the heart and done so selflessly.

Either way. Thank you Mina Stefan for this wonderful photo you posted thanking me for a gift:

In ending. Life lesson learned. Always on a journey here…what life lessons have you learned lately?

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