Cam Girl Tip Tuesday 4-Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One thing that being on the internet as a web cam/adult model does it provide you with this mass array of other people doing similar things to what you are through the reaches of social media and viewing them live on cam.
You start to see what so and so is doing, what time she is working, how often she posts new videos and what new site she just joined last week to peddle her wares.
You start thinking to yourself…I could do that. I could sign up there. I could make more monetary income if I had my videos on X, Y and Z sites. What if I started doing this, or that, how about… Wait.

This could be true. But you need to stop and think about your time as well. Is it worth a few extra hundred a month to make sure you have the same videos uploaded, where on another site you are making 10x’s that? To some it may be. To me it came down to the fact I was spreading myself too thin in too many areas on too many sites. Or could I just concentrate on a few things and maybe use that time I wasn’t uploading to make some more content, be live on cam or hell…relax?! Yay.

I also asked my followers before, it was quite some time ago-a year or more, if having my videos on more than one site was confusing and turned them away as they were then confused where I was, which video was where etc. And 95% said yes. Now in the end of course us women running a business should do whats best for ourselves, but we also need to listen to those who are supporting that business as well.

In the end you only know what is best for you. But if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off (so to speak) feeling tired all the time, anxious, stressed. This person wants that from you, hey join my new site. AHHHH. That can get really hard fast and hello burn out. No one wants to feel burnt out.

In the end you need to do what you enjoy, if you are not enjoying something anymore then re evaluate what you are doing and look for ways to reinvent yourself. Take time for you. You are important. At the end of the day the balance of your bank account may be important to feed, clothe and house yourself…but it does not emulate your worth. Be worthy of knowing what is best for yourself.

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