The questions people ask when they are -always- wasting my time…

1. -goes into pvt show with paying client-comes back out of pvt show-

they are still sitting there then ask “how was that, did you have fun?” 

2. -hanging out LIVE on cam, can clearly see what I’m wearing-

they ask “what are you wearing? can you get up and turn around for me?”

3. -have logged into cam 5 million times, see same screen name(s), they always lurk-

they ask “what have you been up too? haven’t see you in awhile?” 

…you’ve never seen me…other then for free…lurking…I don’t owe you the 411. 

It’s pretty bad when you recognize certain screen names and it’s been YEARS and they’ve never contributed to your business.

4.  -when they have a dick avatar and profile information on twitter of -i love to please and fuck women with my big dick, kik me-

PS: it looks small.

5. Receives long winded email about a custom video/cam show after you’ve linked them to your blog that explains everything in detail and they ask for something you clearly don’t do…and they clearly think they are special and you will do it -just for them-. 

Now you’ve wasted my time…in more ways then one. Are they still teaching reading in schools? 

6. -Enters chat room, cordial how are you doing what are you up to’s exchanged. Then the “I’m just sitting here admiring your photos” comment comes.

Uh…because I’m here ready for a live show and why are you here if your not here for that? Go call your mom.

If you do not fall under any of these categories and have supported me…I thank you. No really, THANK YOU.

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