I keep receiving lots of emails and questions about custom videos still. Read this.

CUSTOM VIDEOS are CLOSED since November 14th 2022. All CUSTOM VIDEO FORMS are INACTIVE on all websites. I will NOT be reopening custom video options until SPRING OR FALL 2023. Be on the look out for an announcement of custom AUDIOS being available in DECEMBER 2022. There will ONLY be around 15-20 open slots for custom audios at that time. 

PS: I will NOT be creating NUDE custom content until further notice. When custom videos re open they will be for non nude options ONLY.

And once again-NO I’m not kidding, I’m really NOT accepting custom content as of November 2022. No I will not accept your last minute order or work it into my schedule. I create custom work only certain times of the year. I have a schedule and boundaries that work best for my life and ensure that I’m happy and healthy and not overwhelmed by work and therefor create inferior interactions. 


It’s really funny when so many of you thought I was joking about closing video customs.

It’s always the same story. I close them and then get mass emails as if I was kidding.

I wasn’t. I only record custom video work a few x a year and rarely ever around the holidays or during summer.

I do not say they are closing to incite panic/scramble. That’s not how I operate. I always give ample notice about when they are open and when they are closing. Many reminders via email/twitter/OF etc.

I really can’t bother myself with caring, I create boundaries for a reason.

So NO-I’m NOT accepting custom video content at this time. I will not be accepting custom video content again until spring or fall 2023.

As always the members of my OF know when these opportunities arise first or if I return sooner. The slots are usually filled by my consistent supporters.

Appreciate the interest and please come forward when you see that I have posted that I’m accepting custom video work again. Until then, no once again I’m not and no I was not kidding about not recording custom content.

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