Hello there you.

Hello, it’s been awhile since I said hi. It has been a very busy month and a very busy year. Just when I think things can’t get anymore FULL they do. Kind of like your balls when I make you edge and dont allow you to cum right? Perfection. Orgasm control is a favorite of mine. So is homewrecking. Have you seen my latest homewrecking clip? I think it’s my favorite one yet. 

homewrecked to pay My ass with MistressVictoria

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Length: 11Min.

Utterly home wrecked by my perfect ass as I make you pay. The trifecta of turn on’s: HOMEWRECKING, ASS WORSHIP and FINANCIAL DOMINATION. Watch it and weep. You are so fucked.

OR maybe you just want to give yourself a nice hot cooling facial this weekend? I mean, trying new things IS good for you!

JOI facial game with MistressVictoria (TOPLESS)

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Length: 6Min.

we are going to play a little jerk off instruction game today. I’m going to tell you the rules and then if you can win you get to cum normal just this ONE time, if not…well you are going to have a face full of hot cum.

ALSO I just know you love when I act like a complete brat and fuck your wallet too. Want to be a good fuckwallet for me this weekend? Give it a try, I bet it’ll turn you on like never before.

Fuckwallet Part 23 with MistressVictoria (FINDOM)

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Size: 613MB
Length: 10Min.

The brattiest fuckwallet clip yet. I remind you of where you belong and how a loser like you is in love with me. Satisfied with your life style and how I train you. Nothing else makes sense like this does, you are my life long fuckwallet. Paying. Serving. Submitting.

or when all else fails a classic strip tease video is sure to get you relaxed and worshiping a Goddess like myself properly. Give it a try. I know you’ll enjoy yourself.

Seductive Strip Tease and Cum Encouragement x2 with MistressVictoria (MULTIPLE ORGASMS) (NUDE)

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Length: 20Min.

you love to be turned on by me don’t you? Turned on so much that I can make you cum as many times as I want. Making you so incredibly horny and turned on just for me. Forgetting about anything other than me and what I can get you to do. Watching me strip and encourage you to cum multiple times just for me.

WELL I sure have given you something to think about haven’t I? I hope you have a safe, fun, kinky weekend that includes some time spent with my clips, perhaps a nice little or BIG binge will set you right. Cheers my pets, I’m so glad you show me how much you enjoy these special clip creations I make just for you… ENJOY!