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A 10 minute video does not take me….10 minutes.

I think when people see a certain price charged for a custom video, or a pre recorded clip they think “that is expensive”. Well sure, but expensive and quality usually run hand in hand if you know what you are looking for.

When I go to create a custom video for example, I’ve sat down, read the email, thought about if it would be a good match for my own interests and comfort level. Then once I agree to it, making sure payment is made and carving out the perfect time to record. No outside or inside noise interference, having the right lighting, right atmosphere, the correct props, make up done, hair done, lotion applied, all skin smooth, nails done, recording room clean, computer working, cam working, sound working and in the correct out fit and making sure I hit all points in the video that one has purchased.

By now, these things alone, have taken me at least 2-4 hours depending on if I needed to order something specific, set up a different area to record in etc.

Now I’m finally in front of my computer and ready to record…Then I hear a plane overhead…So I wait. Now it’s gone. Then my sun light changes. Waiting again. Oh now I’m thirsty and I need to re apply my chap stick, lip stick and lip gloss. Oh shit is that a tampon string hanging out of my panties?

(that was just for a laugh, if you are grossed out, read this:)

Moving on. Finally I’m pressing start. Right next to the video or written on a piece of paper (oh another step I forgot to include up there!) are certain lines, phrases, points of interest I need to hit to make sure the video turns out how it is suppose too. So while I’m recording I need to make sure this all flows how it is suppose too. I need to not mess up while talking, choke on my own breathe or spit (yes this happens HAHA) and say everything I’m suppose too.

This all requires being in a certain frame of mind overall. One can not record if sad, upset or raging PMS. Well, maybe some girls do, but I make sure I’m really feeling what I’m about to do so that it’s the best of me. Of course, I’m always reading new books, articles, forums etc to learn anything I can about my interests in kink, fetish and erotica. I’m all about self education.

Moving on again. I’m finally done, maybe I had to stop and start over sometimes because of noise I cant control (fucking lawn mowers!!) or the video system itself decided to take a vacation. (pouty face) or I forgot to say the persons name…or I said the wrong name. Yikes. haha.

Finally…finally I’m really done now and I watch the video, make sure I did everything I was suppose too and then send it on it’s merry way to the new owners. Then I wait eagerly to make sure the person liked it (yes I do care, shocker!) I like to know you received your video and that you enjoyed it. That does not include a photo of your dicklet. Thank you.

I’ve also been in the adult world since April 2008, so I’ve been perfecting my craft for 7+ years now. That also comes into play with how I record and make sure I’m putting out great videos and new ideas.

It really took me about 3-5 hours to read, prep and accomplish your custom 10 minute video.
The End.

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