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Odd Interactions V.2

Shopping, checking out.

Man standing next to me when line is behind me (I think he thinks lines don’t apply to him) he starts to strike up a conversation about what I’m buying and how someone will enjoy it…I smile and say yes. He continues to stare…then he starts to talk about something else I’m buying. The man has to be about 25 years my senior, albeit a “hot daddy type with salt and pepper in his hair” to some, I know better. LOL. So I take out my keys with my kitty dagger and start to attach my maze to the keychain as he babbles on. Then he stops.

Hint taken? Perhaps so. He got into line.

No need to strike up a conversation while I’m trying to check out with a line behind us. Some “interactions” are past nice and just plain “odd”.

(you can find all of these “odd” interactions on my blog by typing “odd” in the search engine on my site”. Some are more entertaining than others, enjoy.)

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