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Have you made it through (most of) LOCKTOBER?

What a month for you if you have decided to partake in LOCKTOBER. Locking that cock up is no small feat…though it can make it smaller. Did you know that? ooops…Well trying new things is always interesting and educating. I have lovely submissives who have been locked for YEARS and only allowed out to edge when I allow it. Which is exactly what this video is about, can you imagine yourself in this position? Would you be having oh so much aching fun?

Year 3 Locked in Chastity with MistressVictoriaBuy Now
Price: $12.99
Size: 698MB
Length: 12Min.

Happy 3 Years in Chastity. I’ve turned you into such a fucking little bitch. Haven’t I? I’ve put you right in your place, where you belong. Looking at me, realizing how fucking lucky that a woman like me has changed your life in this way bitch. Get down on your knees, it is where you belong especially when you are listening to me, talking to me, thinking about me. You belong on your knees showing me what a submissive little locked up bitch for me you are.