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NEW: Tax Return Time-Findom Tease

Oh, tax return time…what a joy…receiving extra money you’ve been waiting all year long. (haha) But you know what is even better investment with that tax return? Depositing it into my bank account. (haha) This is not a joke. You know how good it feels when you pay ME. Well, it’s going to feel a million times better when you pay me such a large lump sum. I’ve got better things to spend it on than you do, I deserve it all. It’s mine.

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NEW CLIP! #blackmailfantasy #financialdomination #sensual #seductive

e1441c13e232c790df843b78d970e53d“I’ve seen you sneaking peaks at Me. I don’t think you want to end up in jail do you for trespassing and stalking? Being a peeping tom? Well, see I have a little ultimatum for you. You have something I want and lots of it. If you don’t want to get into trouble you’ll be doing exactly what I say…”

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60e6b358c3ae62110cc36644adbe76ee“you’ve been working for Me, while paying Me to be able to work for Me. Seeing those invoices come in every week really makes Me happy. you working for Me is great. But see I have some more things I would like you to do for Me. I need to increase your work load. More work for you, less for Me. you have been doing so great, but I know you can do even better…I deserve a raise. How can you say no to this pretty face?”

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