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the boot licking continues… #bootfetish #bootlicking #femdom

Simon has a love obsession with Me and My boots. He loves to buy Me new pairs and I only like the expensive kinds that I’m going to actually wear and look sexy as fuck in. The kind of equestrian boots that make horse riders drool. Well, they make Simon drool too as he is more than willing to be the best boot licking bitch that there is. I like boots with tread, I stay steady and the largest amount of shit gets in them possible…

Check out the latest custom I’ve created for him. Yesterday I went to My barn, tromped around in who knows what as it’s rained recently and the horses were inside the barn more often tracking in and out and doing their business. Well good thing Simon is here to clean that up, right Simon?

cwxw4ofxcaes1yxLook, you can not get anymore authentic than this. This is the REAL DEAL. This is not some made up pile of mud I came across. This is home grown. And well, so many of you can’t get enough. Good thing there is plenty where this came from…

Get your own custom video if you love boots just as much as Simon and I, here: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

Questions? Well don’t ask after you lick the boots, your going to swallow. Before.

a submissives words to his muse

[5/26/15, 2:29:04 PM] BVW: i say this with more sincerity than I know how to communicate at this distance, but when i tell you that YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE OBJECT OF MY DESIRE, I mean it. from the curves in your hip, to the varying level of playfulness in your octaves…to the way its all controlled by a very wicked, disciplined and creative mind, you are my QUEEN OF FANTASY and I have always, and will continue to carry you on an elite pedestal far above the noise and numbers. thank you

“Please don’t…”

Over the course of the last month or so I’ve had quite a few sub-missives become worried about me blackmailing them out of no where. Either via how they pay, photos of themselves etc. Turns out they think that just because we session about cum eating instruction it means tomorrow I’m exposing them.

Now for some women in the industry they have been known to do things like that, I for one never go out on a limb creating situations that are really harmful to not only my business entertainment relationship with someone but to that person themselves. As it’s not a form of kink they came to me for. If I ran myself in this manner I can guarantee I would not still be around 8 years later. Sites that I work through would have blocked me themselves by now.

So my lovely minions, please stop worrying that if you have NOT asked for blackmail fantasy situations that you will receive treatment as such from me. You won’t. Ever.

I tweeted about this a week or so ago but felt it needed a longer explanation.

Now a good D/s relationship DOES evolve and fetishes become explored that may not have been thought of beforehand. A good Dominant knows how to mold and help the submissive grow. All relationships are different, wether online or in person as well. Everyone has their own pace things happen at. A good Dominant and submissive have a understanding relationship that benefits them both.

But once again, to reiterate, I’m not going to whip “blackmail fantasy” out of my archives if you’ve  never expressed interest in doing so. Some fantasies need a strict yes and no correspondence. Don’t worry, I hear you worry weebles loud and clear!

This is why I also have a Skype (ID that you can purchase) for more private and tailored sessions. Believe it or not I’m interested in hearing what type of session you are going for and molding the experience after that. (Find how to obtain my ID here: http://missvikkilynn.com/live-sessions-general-schedule/) Sometimes when I’m in a busy chatroom it’s hard to get questions answered properly. If you want to ask in depth questions with one on one time just text chatting you can pay $2/minute to do so as well.  My time is valuable and I give a lot of myself freely on social networks and here on my blog, I appreciate those who recognize this and are generous and understanding of these guidelines set in place. They benefit us both.

In ending, please don’t lose sleep at night thinking I’m going to expose you tomorrow or ten years from now. If you did not ask for it, it’s not going to happen. Plain and simple. For one I don’t run my business that way (I think it’s shady) and for two I honestly do not have the time to blackmail people randomly and care to follow through on things I have no guarantee of getting paid for.

There you have it. Rest well. I may coerce you to eat some shit but I won’t blackmail you. Kidding. Maybe. Who knows anymore.

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