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Things you should be prepared for when you enter the adult online industry…

You think you have a little secret. Since you are on the internet, maybe using a different name, who is going to know it’s you? That wig from the local chop shop hair store will help, along with those smokey bedroom eyes. Right?


Prepare yourself. Grandma may find out. Daddy’s little girl is going to take on an entire new meaning. And the kid you went to high school with who never spoke 10 words to you in the 4 years you spent in the same building, all of a sudden asks you to hang out-10 years after you’ve left high school. (*raises eyebrow -pukes in nearest trash can-)

Some people are not going to be okay with your new found nudist camp. Myfreecams. Streamate. Camwithher etc. Or that anyone on gods green earth has access to what some people think is the most intimate thing of your entire being. Your naked body. Your willingness to tease, taunt and make a living off erotica. You may lose a few friends, you may gain some others. Keep yourself around open minded people, be what makes you happy. The strong survive regardless of this…but there are other factors.

Are you okay with someone else probably telling your parents/friends/work colleagues what you do online? Because let me tell you. The vindictiveness of other girls in the industry can be highly worse than an over zealous fan. Be careful who you chose to share yourself with, I don’t (only) mean “customers”. I mean those other girls who want to befriend you. There could be multiple reasons for so. Spreading your personal information. “Stealing” (or trying too) your supporters. Getting to know you to in turn try to air your dirty laundry and make you out to be some vagabond. Spreading false lies to in turn gain something for themselves.

Canter around social media sites, a girls chat room etc. How long has she been around? Does she seem to play nicely with other females? Who else has she worked with on cam/in adult? (and what do you know about those people) Cross reference. Research. Does she have frequent mental break downs for the entire world to see? Yikes. Hide your kids, hide your wife! Not everyone you think is a good friend, is indeed a good friend. Use common sense. Mind your own business. I mean that in many ways. Mind your own BUSINESS, so it grows. The more positive you are and careful who you surround yourself with for support and collaboration the better off you will be. Don’t let negative people suck you energy or motivation. Doing so, the more successful you will be. And when you think you’ve found a chocolate chip (friend) and instead it’s a raisin (foe) you can learn that lesson and be more careful. Hint: I had to learn this lesson.

That being said, there are still great women/men in the adult industry and I’ve learned to surround myself with those that are positive, uplifting and willing to make this career-even with all it’s extra things to consider-work out. Once you’ve been on the internet for awhile you kind of learn a 6th sense. I don’t even have to talk to someone to read their vibe-over the internet. I can just tell. Treed carefully when you are starting and work on you and your business. Take care of you and yours. Everything else is irrelevant.

Neigh Neigh.

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