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Website Protocols!

This is happening frequently, if not daily for myself and I’m sure many other models who you can converse with. When you are on a specific website keep ALL discussion about that website and what it offers.

For example; Do not mention OnlyFans on IWantClips. Do not mention Niteflirt on OnlyFans. Do not ask to pay via a cashapp on ANY website portal that models host their profiles on. (and please for the love of the slut gods stop asking to use p*yp*l. They hate us.)

Please remember:

Do not ask about or mention other websites that are not related to the site you are on.
Do not ask about paying other ways other than on the website you are on.
Do not share content posted on the website you are enjoying elsewhere.
Do not record content/calls/shows on ANY website. (not only is this a violation of the persons privacy and authentic conversation with you it is also not allowed per website rules)
Do not ask to meet up with models on websites. It flags the ENTIRE site for hosting illegal content/meets. (usually the word MEET is banned on many websites for this very reason)
Using a banned word? Frustrated? It’s for a reason, not because the website is prude it’s because the banks are not allowing it.

Websites DO check and make sure both parties are adhering to the rules. I’ve known people who do not and who have been banned from websites. Keeping things on websites keeps both parties safe, gives boundaries and rules to follow and keep things more fun for everyone.

All these things if done outside the TOS will lead to your account being flagged, restricted or removed.

I’m having to give warnings out frequently or it’s awkward to give the warnings out about it. I’m doing it for YOUR safety and MINE. Your account WILL be the first one removed in these offenses since you are asking the model to go outside the TOS (terms of service) rules.

If you value your play time and being able to have a good experience please follow these simple rules.
If you are on that website, keep the conversation about THAT website and not others.

The only safe space to ask a model their preferred payment method is likely via their email if they have a public one or perhaps their twitter or other social media account.

Thanks for coming to yet another TedTalk.

PS: This is NOT pointed at any one person AT ALL. So don’t go crawl into a cave thinking you are headed to detention for asking. I realize some people don’t think of these rules as common sense or read TOS on websites before joining.

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