The audacity…

Lately it seems this situation has been happening a lot…I also know it happens to other women who find it equally as irritating and laughable as I do.

Men emailing…tweeting at me…saying how I need to change things I’m doing. Men who are not women…who do not work my job. Know my life, my time for work or frankly anything much about me at all.

I was told recently my website here was fairly awful. (lol…mmm it’s a blog, that is free that I have no obligation to even have, I do it for a multitude of reasons. I don’t need to elaborate)




Much wow.

Don’t you think that after approaching 9 years in the industry I’ve been offered a website a few hundred times by people? Yes…yes I (we) have. But we have NO INTEREST AT THIS TIME. Don’t you think that with everything I sole manage that I could figure out how to get a website up.

That is great you think I could do better…let me tell you something. I’m doing just fine, I’m doing wonderful…sales are great, compliments on customs are great, I have goals for the future in the industry.

Goals that do not include men who think they are helping Me when they are merely not only wasting my time but also thinking that I must not be doing well because I’m not doing things how they would?

Que the laughing…

Yes there are different stages of being professional. I don’t feel at this time I need a fancy website because frankly I don’t have the time. Why would I do that and then not be able to maintain it…that level of lack of professionalism would be much more detrimental then the “awful” looking blog you think I have now. There are many different facets of the adult industry, I create and maintain what is in line with my needs, time and future desires.

I have a: twitter, 2 emails, a pornhub account, a FREE blog, 3 clips4sale stores, 2 iwantclip stores, a niteflirt, chatstar, skype sessions, 2 art websites w/multiple contracts…but you think I need to do something else?


And that is just adult work…the amount of responsibilities and things I have to juggle outside this career would shock most. But I don’t need to talk about it. Because it’s my personal business.

I’d like to say I appreciate that so many men want to come forward by first negatively commenting on what I do now and then turning around and trying to offer a free service after is touching…I would. But well I can’t…because it’s not.

In an industry with a burn out rate of 1-3 years and I’m approaching a decade…perhaps one would think I have a handle on my business, what I can handle and how it looks. I know I do, it’s time you did too.

I evolve over time, my business evolves over time…I’ll use the services and hire the people I see fit to have it continue as long as I choose to be in this career.

The last thing I need is another email or tweet about what I should change. From a man…who does not support my business…who is not a woman and has not physically/emotionally/mentally worked in the sex industry.

In all business some may think you should welcome feedback…I sure do on a certain level…from those who PURCHASE and SUPPORT that business. In a private setting that is meant to uplift and encourage more creation. Or to actually BE helpful.

It’s pretty pathetic that I would even think I had to write how one should correctly address someone they look up too, especially  in female domination about how they could make their business better.

“hello Goddess, I noticed such and such and thought how wonderful it would be if it matched such and such and I would so love to help if you are interested. I currently love everything you do and will continue to support it either way. thank you Goddess, I sent a tribute for taking up your time to read this”

Now that is something I would entertain.

I’m still here because I really do what I love and put as much time into as I can. No one forced me to do this job and no one is going to force me to do things I don’t have time for, don’t feel ready for or just plain don’t line up with my visions/marketing/goals.

I’m a human being…and I’m on my own journey…taking it at my own pace. I’m not here to live up to your personal standards.

To those who support, revere and love being on this rollercoaster of female domination life with me…thank you. Thank you for understanding that what I have to give is enough and enjoying every stage of change…that it comes at the pace I’m most comfortable with so that I’m giving the best of myself at that time.



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