Phone Call Etiquette-A MUST read!

Good day everyone!

I’ve been thinking about getting back to blogging lately and what a perfect way to do so by writing up a little note about phone call etiquette. After a few phone calls lately where it sounded like the client was in a wind tunnel/underwater or just plain incoherent-I felt it important to perhaps saw a few helpful words and advice. How I see it anyways. I know many of you become a bit nervous or apprehensive to call me as you unsure how it will go, what you will say etc. Fear not as I’m about to share some steps with you that will help you get over the jitters. Maybe…

  1. Make sure you have a quiet space to call from so that you can talk at a normal level, without mumbling or whispering incoherently. I understand sometimes calls are made discreetly at work or home where others are but just try to talk CLEARLY. Or else it is really difficult for me to respond CORRECTLY. Do we want to be forced to suck cock or want some simple JOI? Lets stay in the turned on lane and not the oh god what have I done lane.
  2. Choose the amount of time you think you may want to speak to me (or whomever else) for. Have the adequate amount of money deposited. (more can be added if you want to talk longer the call just may be disconnected!)
  3. Think about what you may want to talk about or ask me. Why are you calling? What is the meaning of life?
  4. You may want to email or message me to set up a time or plan to just try and connect with me when you see me online.
  5. Go to my niteflirt profile: or iwantclips profile: and choose which phone line you want to call.
  6. Take a deep breathe and dial.
  7. Wonder if I will even answer and start to panic.
  8. You cant believe this is happening right now and you may need your inhaler.
  9. I answer and say “hello, how are you?”
  10. you say for example: “Hi my name is kittyMcMuffin and I’ve been a fan for awhile of you JOI videos. I would love if you could give me some instruction today?”
  11. OR you say for example: “Hi, I would love to casually chat for a bit before getting more into my fetish, is that okay?”
  12. OR you say for example: “Hi I just want to give you $1000 and hang up, thank you for existing”
  13. We chat, we get to know each other better, you get off (maybe) and before you go you say “Wow, thank you, I appreciated the time you spent with me today”
  14. Both NF and IWC will alert both parties when there is one minute remaining. I keep talking after this same as before, no need to actually respond to this auto message or be interrupted by it. On with the flow.
  15. I say “you are welcome” and you hang up. Or run out of money. Whichever comes first.
  16. Then you send a tribute after if you feel so inclined and plan the next time you are going to call me as you go on with your day with thoughts of me inside your head just as it should be.

That was not too hard was it? Any fellow providers have any advice to add to this? I’ll add it below here with a link to your twitter. CLIENTS respond to the blog post ON TWITTER and tell me your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by and perhaps you will get the bright idea to call me SOON and we can have a little chat mkay?