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Cam Girl Tip Tuesday

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Tuesday I’m going to give cam/adult models tips I’ve learned over the years. I can’t give it all away but I can share a little bit *wink

Is horrible for your own self esteem and your business.
Everyone has a bad day BUT to tote about it on twitter on the daily is going to lose you credibility. Contrary to popular belief on social media, you!

There are many days and many instances in my life that I would love to have a social media breakdown. Or even here on my blog. I even go so far as to type entire blogs out that I than delete because I realize that is not who I want to be. Being positive in the face of adversity will help you climb out of whatever hole you are in much faster than being negative. This is something I work on and evolve even for myself. BE POSITIVE. Not every day is going to be a good day, personally, publicly or on cam. Realize that is the time, hour, day or maybe a week or month that you need to regroup inside your mind and protect your mental health.

Remember why people come to see you online. They want a break from their own day or their own reality for a little while. YOU are the entertainment they choose to follow, support and spend maybe their hard earned fun money on. If you are not being fun, that fun money probably won’t come your way long. Maybe at first in a way of pity but in the long run people will find someone else who has a smile, a positive message and a good attitude to latch onto. Positivity ATTRACTS people, ideas and general awesomeness.

So get out there, be positive, take days off when you need and always think “Do I need to post that my BMW has a scratch wah wah wah?!” when I could leave that out and say “LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!” and your followers will smile as you both had a positive impact on each others days. yay! *highs fives you all*

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I’m not in porn…Oh wait…Am I?

This seems to be a debatable topic, always up for discussion and versitile opinions.

I do not think I’m in or do porn, but I’m in the adult entertainment industry. I web cam and make pre-recorded videos for My clips stores. (I’m also an artist with contracts in stores.) Porn to Me is mainstream boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy, transgender etc sex scenes and the like.
At this time I only work for Myself (from many different avenues) and with My twin Brooke for videos in Our fetish clips4sale on demand video store.

I seem to have come across quite a few followers who think I do boy/girl porn… I’m confused as I have never tweeted anything remotely close to the idea or action of doing so. I like porn, I watch it occasionally, I support My favorite porn stars by buying their DVD’s etc. I think very highly of women, men, trans in porn who have made a name for themselves, are grounded and well rounded in interests. In this society of social networking it has give us the infinite possibilities of showing so many aspects of ourselves. I think this is great, especially for adult entertainers in whatever genre they do. It shows how human we really all are. As so many try to judge and put us adult workers in a box of despair, drugs and dead ends.
This is so far from the truth. Any job can have those attributes. It takes a strong person to not let those type of things interfere with their actual work, to focus on themselves and their success and passion for the business.

I will take My adult entertainment job, freedom to express My sexuality and time to better Myself and others over wanting to slit My wrists at McDonald’s or some other mindless job. Thankful to live in America where I have these choices.

So if you think I’m in porn that’s great, I’m not offended or going to argue about it with you, because quite possibly I’m in porn….erotica…adult entertainment. Whatever you want to call it, I love making it for you to enjoy. *wink

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